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Sliding Doors Falmouth

Isn't it time to make your home stand out from the rest? Why not choose custom sliding doors for a unique look that will work well with any property type in Falmouth. The sleek profile we use is sure to catch attention while providing optimal insulation and energy efficiency performance!

Aluminium is a durable material that can be used in home improvements. Our installation of an aluminium sliding door will add style and functionality to your property while keeping it safe from intruders or storms, making this one investment worth every penny!

We will make your home complete. When you need new sliding doors or an upgrade, see us for quality products at competitive prices from suppliers who share our dedication to customer service and value each project as if it were their own! Start a free no-obligation quote today using our online pricing engine.

Premium Door Solution

What's more perfect than a sliding door that opens your garden for you to enjoy? With our low threshold options, there are many ways in which we can tailor them and make sure they meet all those specifications.

Choose between our wide range of sliding doors to find the perfect fit for your home. We offer both uPVC and aluminium, with recent research showing that it's one material on everyone's list these days- why not yours? It doesn't matter if you want lightweight or heavy-duty; we've got everything right here.

Thermal Efficiency

Good insulation is essential for any home. With the rising energy costs, it's more important than ever to make sure your house keeps you warm during those chilly winter months!

Double glazing has been fitted standard within our aluminium sliding doors, which are perfect investments if you want to improve their insulating qualities- especially in Falmouth, where temperatures often dip.

sliding door costs Cornwall

Smoothly Operating

Our innovative aluminium sliding doors are the perfect addition to your home! They open smoothly and quietly, without any annoying screeching or crunching you hear from other models.

patio sliding doors Cornwall

Slim Design

With our sliding doors, you can enjoy endless views of your Falmouth garden throughout the year. Even when it isn't that great outside and some bad storms are coming through -you still feel connected to everything outside!

sliding doors Cornwall

Sound Insulation

You can reduce the amount of external noise in your Falmouth home with our aluminium sliding doors. The combination between their frame and double glazing will significantly improve sound insulation, making it much easier for people living there to enjoy peace and quiet when they want it!

Customised Design

We will always make completely customised and bespoke designs for your home in Falmouth. Our aluminium sliding doors come in an array of colour and style options.

There's a variety of configurations to choose from when it comes down to deciding on the size and shape of your home. You can get two-pane, three-pane or four panes depending on what best suits you: metal handles in any colour!

Weather Performance

The durable aluminium frame, quality glazing materials, and professional installation make for excellent weather resistance. You can feel secure no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Double glazing helps to improve insulation and prevents cold winds and water ingress from entering your property. Our aluminium sliding doors are designed for years of service with little maintenance.

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