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Lantern Roofs Cornwall

Cornwall Windows Centre offer bespoke lantern roofs that flood your home with natural light and create a warm, inviting environment for all of the family to enjoy. We supply and install lantern roofs throughout Camborne, Truro, Penzance, Falmouth, Hayle, Helston, Marazion, Newquay, Penryn, Perranporth, Redruth, St Agnes, St Columb, St Ives and surrounding Cornwall towns.

Creating the illusion of more space, a lantern roof can transform the look of a room, creating a focal point that draws the eye. Adding a modern yet minimalist aesthetic, a lantern roof can seamlessly blend with any property type whether it is old or new.

A lantern roof makes an excellent addition to a home, orangery or conservatory with a range of functions and features that benefit the homeowner.

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What is a Lantern Roof?

A lantern roof, also referred to as a skylight or roof lantern, is essentially a window in the ceiling. With a streamlined design and raised apex, it is an elegant addition to a property, created to make a statement. The lantern roof sits above a roof unlike a skylight which is fitted into the construction of a roof.

What sets it apart from the traditional window is the slightly raised platform and the versatile designs and shapes you can choose from. Architects and designers call it a ‘daylighting’ architectural element that is designed specifically to provide a natural light source.

You can use your lantern roof for a number of purposes from lighting a dining room, living area or kitchen or making a focal point in a bathroom or bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

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Are Lantern Roofs Suitable for my Property?

Instead of being fitted vertically along outside walls like windows are, lantern roofs are installed horizontally on roofs. They are easy to personalise to your exact needs and requirements and have a list of options to tailor them to your personal taste.

Because of their versatile and flexible design, they can be created to fit well with any building type meaning that you won’t have to worry if they are suitable for your property.

Traditionally, the lantern roof was used on cathedrals and churches before being utilised as a way to light enclosed stairways in the Victorian era. In the 16th century lantern roofs were widely used for orangeries in Europe to help cultivate the growth of citrus trees and plants. Nowadays, they create an elegant way to inject natural light into the home with slim sightlines and a stunning finish.

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What Are the Benefits of Adding a Lantern Roof to my Property?

There are a number of benefits that lantern roofs provide to a homeowner, as well as the main purpose of increased natural sunlight.

Roof Lanterns can:

  • Add a visually attractive element to your property in a discreet and subtle way
  • Reduce energy bills by limiting the need for artificial lighting
  • Improve the thermal efficiency of your home
  • Be customised to blend seamlessly with your property aesthetic
  • Help make a room look more inviting
  • Add a focal point to a room, conservatory or orangery
  • Give you great views of blue skies, sunsets and starry nights
  • Preserve the privacy of your home

When it comes to the energy efficiency of your lantern roof, you’ll be pleased to know that our lantern roofs cut your energy consumption and costs. Trapping warm air inside the property and retaining the heat, you will find your reliance on heating and electricity decrease with the installation of a lantern roof.

The added benefit of a lantern roof is that it will help to regulate the temperature in your home all year round, meaning that in hotter months your home won’t overheat with the increased sunlight. You won’t suffer with a greenhouse effect, making sure the rooms in your property are usable no matter the weather. The majority of lantern roofs have optional ventilation features too, to add natural air flow to your property especially in the hotter seasons.

Adding a lantern roof to your home will increase its value, making it an attractive feature to a potential buyer. Making your rooms bright and airy will increase the visual appeal and give the illusion of added space. Adding a timeless and elegant appeal, a lantern roof will immediately add luxury and opulence to any home.

Lantern Roof Prices

The Cornwall Window Centre strives to offer the most competitive prices for our complete range of lantern roofs. We offer free online quotes for our lantern roofs, with a simple and easy process to follow.

Whether you are replacing an existing roof or building a new extension, a lantern roof from The Cornwall Window Centre is a great way to pull natural light into a room and provide your property with exceptional benefits and features.

If you like, you can give us a call to speak to one of our friendly team members about your lantern roof needs. We can answer any questions or queries that you may have. You can get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 01209 717151.