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Sliding Doors Penzance

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Sliding Doors Penzance


If you are looking for an elegant and modern way to transform your Penzance property, then our beautiful range of sliding doors is just what you need. We use only a top-quality aluminium profile in this traditional design that will give it a brilliant look like no other! You can also choose uPVC models if you prefer more classic styles - both have their unique advantages.

You may not be getting the most out of our current doors, so it could be the perfect time to spend on some aluminium sliding doors! The benefits of sliding doors are unmatched, providing excellent insulation, soundproofing, and highly secure.

We ensure that each sliding door we sell is the perfect fit for your home. Whether you're looking to replace an old traditional cottage or need a new modern build, our team of experts will help guide and direct all aspects from start to finish with expertise in every stage - including design consultation! Start a free and bespoke quote today using our online quoting engine!

Custom Design

Every home in Penzance is different. That is why we offer bespoke and customised designs for all our customers. We consider the important aspects of sliding doors, such as their specifications and dimensions for unique installation for each property.

The customised aluminium sliding doors from our range come in two to four panes with options for colours that complement both interior and exterior home décor. You can also add hardware accessories like handles, locksets or storm window trimming if desired!


To make your home more resistant to the weather, you should consider installing aluminium patio doors. As a double glazing product, they have excellent performance in protecting from sun and rain damage. If you currently have older doors, they can fall victim to rusting or fading.

You can never go wrong with aluminium sliding doors. These features will prevent the ingress of cold winds and draughts, making your home more comfortable all year round! Aluminium is an excellent material for its long shelf life and requires as little maintenance as possible.

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More Natural Light

The wide glazed panes will fill your Penzance property with natural daylight, making it cosier and more spacious. You can have a completely transformed interior by using our aluminium sliding doors!

Our aluminium sliding doors have the opportunity to completely transform the inside of your Camborne home. The wide glazed panes will fill your property with natural daylight, making it more cosy and spacious.

Panoramic Views

Our uPVC and aluminium sliding doors are perfect when you need a door that will give your Penzance garden the best possible view. No matter how bad the weather gets or if there is any snow on hand- both types come with slim sightlines, so even when things don't look their brightest outside, still take in all those beautiful views!

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Highly Secure

Our doors are designed with your safety of you in mind. They come equipped with high-quality locking systems and aluminium construction, making them very durable yet lightweight - perfect for any home!

Improve Your Homes Insulation 

Double glazing is an excellent investment for any home. The glass panes will trap the warm air inside and prevent cold winds from entering, which allows you to stay cosy during wintertime without paying extra on heat maintenance costs! You'll never have trouble staying cool in summer because double glazing keeps a consistent temperature all year round- now that's what we call perfect comfort automation.

Why Choose us?

We pride ourselves on providing fantastic installation services along with high-quality products. Having over 20 years of experience in the industry gives us the competitive advantage to provide the best installation and products.

We don't just want you to be satisfied with your aluminium sliding doors; we strive for excellence! Our team of experts is here at the ready and will go out on a limb (or two) if needed to get it done right. You can trust us because our industry-leading customer service policy backs all work - see what this means today!

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